This course will introduce the student concepts and techniques for designing and implementing Web-enabled database systems. Topics include: web protocols, development in LAMP environments, security, user authentication, session management, search, client-side technology support (JavaScript/DOM), and architectures to support Web database systems (MVC).


INLS 572 or equivalent, INLS 523, and programming experience.

Time and location

[ Wed 5:45 PM - 8:30 PM ] Manning 01

Office Hours

By appointment


Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, & CSS, Second Edition. Nixon, R.

PHP and MySQL Web Development, Fourth Edition. Welling, L. and Thomson, L.


Students are expected to be present for every class. If you have to miss the class due to unavoidable circumstances, please notify me beforehand and make plans to cover the syllabus you miss.


  • Discussion on ideas and approaches to solving those ideas is encouraged.
  • However, any work that you submit must be your own.
  • In the event that you do take help from another person, please write their name on top. This is not meant to hurt you but to benefit the person who helped you. By help, I do not mean copying an answer, but rather taking assistance to approach a problem.
  • I realize that some of you will be approached by your peers for assistance. I highly encourage this, but please do not give away the answers. Let them learn!

Please approach me if all collaboration fails!

Plagiarism and cheating

I expect every student to honor UNC’s Honor Code. In the event of a violation, the student will be punished according to the University guidelines.

Late Policy

Assignments are expected to be submitted by 11:59 pm local time. If the assignment is submitted late, for every day the assignment will be penalized 10% of the total assignment score. If the assignment has not been submitted beyond the 5th day, the student will receive an automatic 0. That being said, I do realize that sometime due to unforeseeable circumstances a submission maybe late. Please contact me in that case. Maybe I can be of some help!


In this course, you will work on four assignments, one midterm, and one final exam.

Course Policies


I would like to thank Dr. Rob Capra for allowing me to borrow his course material.

[ Schedule ]
Spring [2019]
#Lecture Date Topic Readings Assignments
1 Jan-9 Introduction
Nixon 1, 2
Demystifying the Browser
Learning HTTP
2 Jan-16 Unix
PHP Intro
Nixon 3,4,7
3 Jan-23 PHP Nixon 5, 6; WT 4 P1
4 Jan-30 PHP and MySQL Nixon 10
5 Feb-6 PHP and MySQL Nixon 10 P2;P1 due
6 Feb-13 Security and User Input Nixon 11
7 Feb-20 Session Control and User Authentication Nixon 12
8 Feb-27 Javascript and DOM Nixon 13, 14, 15 P3; P2 due
9 Mar-6 Mid-Term Exam
10 Mar-13 Spring Break
11 Mar-20 Database Search
JavaScript and DOM
WT 18, 19
Nixon 13, 14, 15
12 Mar-27 Ajax and JQuery Nixon 17 P3 Due
13 Apr-3 JQuery P4
14 Apr-10 HTML5 and JQuery
15 Apr-17 Model-View-Controller; XML Landay
16 Apr-24 Review P4 Due
17 May-2 Final Exam